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NYFA Teaching Assistant. Medium format photographer, videographer. Work includes Kevin Bacon, Chris Colfer, David Gandy, GQ Taiwan, August Man, Parke & Ronen. Former associate buyer at Gilt Groupe.


    Parke & Ronen Summer 2013 Campaign Shoot with Justin Violini from Justin Violini on Vimeo.

    Behind-the-Scenes & Making of the Summer 2013 campaign for Parke & Ronen with Justin Violini

    Featuring Torben Konig at Soul Artist Managment
    Grooming by Ivanka Lova
    Video Footage by Scott Brownlee
    Photography, post production & editing by Justin Violini
    “Men Don’t Cry” by Waylon Thorton & The Heavy Hands (www.heavyhands.bandcamp.com)

    Stay tuned for campaign images and be sure to follow Parke & Ronen @parkeandronen on social media for live updates of their Resort 2014 collection this week in NYC.


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