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NYFA Teaching Assistant. Medium format photographer, videographer. Work includes Kevin Bacon, Chris Colfer, David Gandy, GQ Taiwan, August Man, Parke & Ronen. Former associate buyer at Gilt Groupe.


    Hi Annie…I like what you did there with the top shot and Michael Phelps! ;) (And Yes I know the Whoopi pic) http://instinctmagazine.com/blogs/blog/michael-phelps-a-speedo-and-a-bathtub-star-in-new-louis-vuitton-ad?directory=100011


    Stephane Debaere after the Olympic Trials, Hôtel de Vendôme - Paris, April 2012 by Justin Violini

    More photos on Lash Magazine: http://www.lashmagazine.com/?p=1273


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